Col Colat

Col Colat

Ronco Margherita stands at the base of the Col Colat and is right in the middle of our vineyards that a historic path climbs and crosses the hill.

In the past the hill was wholly grown with orchards and vines and there are still terraces and irrigation tanks. During the First World War two powders were built, one of which is still in perfect condition, and a shooting position that had a launch power of about 9 km. The 360​​° panoramic view from the top of the hill can make you realize its strategic importance on the surrounding hills and Tagliamento river.

Our proposal is a guided tour of the hill and the finds of the Great War combined with a visit of our winery and a tasting of our wines and local products.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

For reservations and information you can contact our sales office at or call at +39 0432 950845.