Di tassello in tinello

Di tassello in tinello

The art of mosaic is very old and in Friuli is rooted in tradition.

One city in particular has made its symbol: Spilimbergo. It is precisely here that was founded, in 1922, the Mosaic School of Friuli, known throughout the world for its excellence. Its strength also lies in having been able to invest in the promotion and dissemination of this art becoming landmark and museum center alive and evolving.

Di Tassello in Tinello is an experience that we propose to match the renowned mosaic of Spilimbergo in Friuli wine, other excellence of the region, in a half-day tour of Spilimbergo and Pinzano al Tagliamento.

After visiting the Mosaic School and the medieval center of Spilimbergo, you can immerse yourself in the world of wine while walking among vineyards, following the evolution of the wine cellar and barrel room to taste it combined with local products.

Transfer (15 minutes drive) from Spilimbergo in Pinzano al Tagliamento and the visit of the two historic centers are to be done independently.

For reservations and information please contact our office commerciale@roncomargherita.it or by phone 0432 950 845.