Una regione tutta da scoprire e degustare!

A region to discover and taste!

[/ divider] Friuli Venezia Giulia offers a wide variety of flavors and typical products. In this border region (with Austria, Veneto and Slovenia) people, languages ​​and traditions have crossed over not only the cultural heritage, but also the food and wine industry: you can enjoy Mediterranean, Mediterranean and Slavic influences without forgetting the tastes Popular cuisine with simple and genuine dishes, enriched with spontaneous herbs, prepared in the countryside and in the mountains.

The protagonists of this well known and appreciated kitchen all over the world are different. One of the first examples of all is the renowned San Daniele Ham, which is accompanied by two more excellent regional raw hams: Sauris Ham and Cormons Ham. Friulian wine is another world champion of quality and sophistication, but not the only alcoholic beverage produced in Friuli. Typically, it is the grappa, obtained by distilling the marc and the beer, whose tradition in the region comes from the Celtic and Germanic populations that have been living here in ancient times.

The extraordinary geographical position of Friuli Venezia Giulia is another point in favor of the rich offer of products and recipes in this region: wet by the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by numerous watercourses and delimited by the Dolomites and the Alps, on Friulian tables they find fish, meat and game.

From the zone to the zone, in fact, the fish species are varied, those grown in salt water and fresh water and their recipes. One of them is the trout, Queen of St. Daniel. The same goes for meat: local recipes, handed down from generation to generation, different ways of cooking and preserving are varied and numerous. Among all the many typical cold meats, let’s note the Pitina, a special sauce wrapped in polenta flour that is very well matched with Rosa Rosa on the Cosa.

In this fast journey to Friuli cuisine we can not forget the fundamental role that cheese has on Friulian tables. Characteristic of this region are really many, but remember the famous Montasio named after the famous plateau, which has been produced since 1200; the Formadi Frant; Asìno cheese, goat’s cakes and Frico, which is not a cheese, but a cheese-based recipe, present throughout the region, in hundreds of local varieties.

Also remarkable is the production of apples, which in recent years, thanks to an increasing attention to traditions and products, also saw the rediscovery of the oldest indigenous varieties.

To learn more and find out all the other Friulian products: http://www.ersa.fvg.it/divulgativa/prodotti-tradizionali.