Ragogna is 5 km far from Ronco Margherita, on the opposite shore of Tagliamento and is well-known for its naturalistic importance and for its historical role during the First World War.

The whole area enjoys a very special feature: in a small space you pass from the river to the plain, from the lake to the hill and the mountain.

Following an ancient pedestrian path you descend from the historic center of San Daniele to continue towards Ragogna lake, a floristic and fauna jewel, among reeds, dunes and wet meadows. You can observe the brown heron, the royal jelly, the gallinella and the swan. Of particular importance is the hiking path of the CAI route and the Great War trails, which envelop the mountain throughout its development and which allow visitors to visit the most important fortifications dating to the First World War along the original military routes. Determinant was in fact the battle of Ragogna and the subsequent blow of Cornino, which took place between October 30 and November 3, 1917, during the retreat of Caporetto.

For strategic significance, the area was militarily reoccupied during World War II and was home to clashes in the war of liberation.

To explore and participate in the excursions, we recommend visiting the Museum of the Great War of Ragogna: http://www.grandeguerra-ragogna.it/ita/museo.php