The Estate


The old storage of the Villa has been completely renovated leaving room for the Barricaia. This is a volume set in the aquifer of Col Colàt that keeps the cellar naturally cool and humid throughout the year. Alessandro wanted to bring back in decorations and surfaces the typical elements of the environment and culture that surround the company, such as the hills, the Tagliamento and the Mosaic School of Spilimbergo.

A place where our wines can ripen housed in the lap of the hill and surrounded by elements that continuously recall the culture and landscape that surround the winery.

It’s mandatory to taste our wines while they are coming to fruition and appreciate the evolution of aromas, colors and flavors of a living and natural product.

Tasting Room

Housed in the old barn of the Villa, it dominates the entrance to the courtyard and from its windows you can appreciate the position on the hill.

It has been furnished by Alessandro with memorabilia of the oenological tradition and memories of rugby life: with its wooden furnishings and warm lights, it can comfortably accommodate 60 or more people sitting to taste the wines of our cellar.

The room is equipped to accommodate your catering thanks to the renovated and complete kitchen.


The early twentieth century style Villa has been completely renovated, saving the original floors, frescoes and the wooden and stone stairs leading to the upper floors.
On the ground floor there is a new breakfast room, above the old cellar, and a sitting area to relax on winter evenings.
The upper floors have been organized into 5 suites that recall the history of the building and the native vines. It also allows you to admire the panorama of the hill, embraced in comfort and tradition.