Production AreaFriuli Venezia Giulia

Vine: 100% Picolit

Planting method: Guyot planting 1000 plants per hectare

Harvest: Grape harvest begins in mid-October with the verification of ripening of the grapes in the various vineyard locations. Subsequently, grapes are brought to the cellar for further qualitative selection and then destined for winemaking.

Vinification: The dried grapes are gently dirasped. It is then pressed softly and the obtained must is clarified by decantation. The must thus obtained fermented at controlled temperature in small French oak barrels. At fine fermentation, the wine is kept on the yeasts, in small oak barrels, for a period of at least 18 months. Bottled wine has been refined in thermally-conditioned premises for about 18 months.

Color: Intense yellow gold

Sensory and taste notes: Elegant nose is characterized by intense notes of candies, pastry, apricot and fig, fused with hints of orange blossom, acacia honey, noble mold and an elegant spice. Wine of great complexity, in the mouth is soft, sour, with a great balance between acidity and sugars. Very persistent aftertaste, with complex aromatic sensations on which ginger and exotic yellow-flesh fruit stand out.

Pairing: Superb as a “meditation” wine. Ideal partner for tasty, spicy and herbaceous cheese. Even with the dry pastry. Excellent with foie gras.

Serving temperature: 12°-14° C

Alcohol content: 14% Vol.