Production area: Friuli Venezia GiuliaVine: 100% Ucelut

Vine training system: Guyot with planting of 5,000 plants per hectare

Grape harvesting: The harvest begins in the first ten days of October after a careful check of maturation. The grapes, placed in special boxes, are left to dry without forcing thanks to the particular microclimate that distinguishes the area of the Pordenone foothills.

Wine making: After about a month of drying, the grapes are gently de-stemmed and then pressed with a manual press. The must obtained is clarified and then left to ferment in small oak barrels, once it reaches the alcohol content the yeast stops naturally, leaving the typical sugary residue that distinguishes this wine. After fermentation, the wine is kept on the lees for a period of about 18 months, in this period the lysis of the yeasts that release mannoproteins occurs. The latter, thanks also to the use of the barrique, give full roundness to the wine. After bottling, a period of aging follows for about 6 months in thermo-conditioned rooms.

Colour: Intense yellow

Sensory notes: Elegant on the nose, it is characterized by intense notes of candied fruit, pastry, apricot and fig, blended with hints of orange blossom, acacia honey and an elegant spice. Wine of great complexity, in the mouth it is soft, savory, with a great balance between acidity and sugars. Very persistent aftertaste, with complex aromatic sensations, on which ginger and exotic yellow pulp fruit stand out.

Gastronomic pairing: Superb as a “meditation” wine. Ideal partner for tasty, spicy and blue cheeses. Excellent with foie gras. Also perfect for dry pastries.

Serving temperature: 12 – 14° C

Alcohol content: 14% vol